Hand Dermatitis

If you wash your hands frequently, you likely have experienced some hand dryness or irritation.  Common causes of hand dermatitis can be overexposure to water, too much dry air, soaps, solvents, cleaning agents, rubber gloves or even ingredients in skin and personal care products. Once the skin becomes red and dry, even “harmless” things such as water and baby products can further irritate your skin.


-Take you rings off to wash as they trap soap and moisture next to the skin.

-Use lukewarm water (not hot) and rinse thoroughly after washing with soap.

-Soap can strip oils from your skin, so only use soaps in areas you need it. Avoid perfumed soaps and detergents, as they can be extra drying.

-Blot your skin dry carefully.

-Apply a moisturizer liberally while your skin is still damp with a good hand cream. CeraVe, Aveeno, Eucerin, Vaseline, Aquaphor or Avene products are my favorites.


-Wear gloves when you are doing dishes, folding laundry, peeling vegetables or handling citrus fruits or tomatoes. Plastic or vinyl gloves are better than latex. Powder free is better for sensitive skin. Be sure to moisturize after removing gloves. A pair of cotton gloves can be worn underneath plastic gloves to protect hands from irritation. Be sure to wash cotton gloves frequently.

-Protect your hands from cold dry air.

-Don’t wear your rings to do housework. Clean rings frequently by soaking them in ammonia water.

-Do not peel or press oranges, lemons, grapefruits, tomatoes or onions with bare hands.

-Avoid contact with solvents, stain removers or cleaning products.

-Do not pick any loose ends of skin.


If your symptoms are not responding to these measures, please reach out to schedule an appointment as you may need a prescription.

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