Skincare for Men

Between shaves, sun exposure, and sweat, men's skin endures tough conditions. Shop multipurpose products backed by science to protect + correct his most common concerns.

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FAQs on Skincare for Men

Should men use skincare products specific to men?

We do the brand and product research so that you don’t have to, and that includes reading through clinical study data to verify claims that skincare brands are making. And that's gender neutral. Men should consider products that address common concerns, like oily skin, or having a tougher skin texture, while considering products that will work for their lifestyle. We've compiled all our top picks for those uses here.

What should men use for skincare?

Men should follow a basic 4-step routine: cleanse, correct, moisturize, and protect. To do this, he'll need a cleanser, any products to address specific concerns, a daily moisturizer, and daily SPF. (Many moisturizers include anti-aging ingredients and sun protection, so be on the lookout for multipurpose products to reduce these steps.)

Do men really need moisturizer?

Men need moisturizer as much as women do to keep their skin looking great and aging slowly. And when you add the conditions that men's skin faces that women usually don't, like shaving and daily sun exposure, it becomes even more important to restore your skin back to a healthy state.

When should men do skin care routines?

We recommend a twice daily routine. In the morning, start with a cleanser, use any correcting products or serums, moisturize, and then apply SPF. In the evening, do the same thing, skipping over the SPF.